Victor Oladipo 29 Points Full Highlights (1/22/2016)

At this point in Victor Oladipo’s career, I thought we’d be seeing some D-Wade type numbers from him. Optimistic? Sure. But after he transformed himself from an unwanted high-school player into a NBA draft darling, I thought that even more improvements were to come.

He looked pretty good last year, where he averaged 18 on a team that, let’s just say, didn’t do him too many favors regarding the talent surrounding him. That was enough for me. I was ready. Next year, for sure, with him and the team gaining another year of valuable experience, he was going to bust out.

Then Scott Skiles came along. His job description includes the phrase “must ruin at least one young talent per year coached”. I am sure of it. He ruined Tobias in Milwaukee, and now he’s ruining Victor. This is what happens when you try to win too early in your team’s development.

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