Karl-Anthony Towns 26 Points Full Highlights (1/25/2016)

I was going through my old videos for archival purposes, and, on a 3-ish-year old vid, don’t remember which one now, I saw a comment that intrigued me. Not the comment, actually, but the username of the commentor.

“Karl Towns”

Now, this is gonna seem like wishful thinking, but I bet it was the real Karl-Anthony Towns making that comment all those years ago. The timing lines up, back when he still had only one first name, this would be late in his high school days. Is it unreasonable to think that a player destined for the NBA would enjoy watching highlights of NBA players? It is not.

Sure, it could just be a fan/classmate of the then high-school aged Karl Towns. I may be getting my hopes up. Maybe I’ll have to settle for Gary Neal’s dad/uncle/male relative being my closest NBA encounter (he doesn’t like how much I hate Gary Neal, BTW).

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