Ryan Anderson Career High 36 Points Full Highlights (1/28/2016)

In honor of Ryan Anderson tying his career high with 36 net-ripping points, let’s take a look back at what I had to say about him the last time he scored that many, back in late 2013:

“Ryan Anderson is a maniac.”
Can’t disagree with that assertion.

“A total maniac.”
Yup, as evidenced by that video as well as this one, Ryan Anderson pretty much displays psychopathic tendencies while on the court.

“This is evidenced by the fact that he’s taken 126 shots while only accumulating 3 assists.”
Wait, what? That’s an insane stat for a semi-perimeter player. I didn’t realize that this dude was so unwilling to give up the rock. Things must have improved for him in this area; his assist percentage this year is only 7th worst among players who have played 1000 minutes.

“Any other player in the league does that, they would get crucified.”
Indeed. If Twitter was around back in 2013, it would have gone up in flames were it someone like LeBron with those stats.

“Literally crucified.”
Let’s not go that far.

“NBA fans are dedicated.”
That part is true, though. Not usually “let’s nail this doucher to a cross and leave him there until he frickin’ DIES!” dedicated, but, you know, still pretty dedicated.

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