Alan Anderson 18 Points Full Highlights (3/2/2016)

It’s unlikely that Alan “Kobe 0.1” Anderson continues to shoot 50% from three as he has done in his first four games back from surgery, but for this moment, just this one moment, let us relish the fact that old man Alan is contributing to winning basketball for a team with playoff aspirations. I want to feel happiness. I crave it. And now I’m finally going to have it and nobody’s going to stop me.

Okay. Moment over. Now we can remember again how Anderson has been just a not-all-that-great role player for his entire career, and how he has shot around 34% from the long line for the past few seasons. Let’s also remember how he was out of the league for four seasons because nobody wanted him. Once again my emotions flatten and become gray. An unfeeling humanoid trapped in a world of real people. The brief happiness I felt was only an illusion. Thanks Alan Anderson.

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