Dante Cunningham 16 Points/4 Threes Full Highlights (3/2/2016)

The most embarrassing thing you can do on the basketball court is bank in a corner three. Banking in threes from the corner should be avoided whenever possible. Those prone to banking in threes from the corner should just avoid shooting corner threes entirely.

Nobody told this to Dante “Crafty Pork” Cunningham, who has been slowly extending his range past the midrange area all the way out to the three-point line. For him, corner threes are a great way to score one more point on a jumpshot without being too far away from the hoop. However, now that he has banked one in from that spot (to the derision of the Rockets bench), he will have to stop shooting them, at least this season. Perhaps forever.

You can see his face after he does it. He feels horrible. As he should. Being so inaccurate on your jumper so as to bank in a shot from the baseline is the unforgivable sin. If he gets waived tomorrow we know why.

Also, does the thumbnail of Cunningham not totally look like the Toronto all-star logo?

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