Robert Covington 25 Points Full Highlights (3/4/2016)

I want to see Robert “English Nobility” Covington play in a good situation. That’s what I want to see. Right now he is probably a bottom-five starting SF in the league (Alonzo Gee is definitely worse at least), but that’s more due to the garbage that surrounds him than due to any fault of his own.

Will that mystical “good situation” be in Philadelphia? They could turn it around as early as next year if Embiid comes back in beast mode, AND if Saric is a god right away, AND they get a realer point guard than Ish Smith. Then we would see what Covington can do when given a chance to be an efficient scorer.

If he is placed in a good situation and still can’t muster 40% from the field, then I’ll personally apologize to all my viewers for insinuating that he would ever be that good.

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