Jeff Green 23 Points Full Highlights (3/9/2016)

Clippers fans are getting a taste of the inconsistency issues that have led to Jeff Green getting traded at the deadline about ten times. He’s had games of 18, 22, and 23 points, but he’s also put up two goose eggs along with some other single-digit games that are unacceptable for a player billed as a “scorer”. When he’s scoring like that, he’s the answer at small forward, but when he disappears on the court, even Paul Pierce starts to look like a better option.

Green is going to be a free agent soon and it’s hard to predict how much money he’ll get. He’ll definitely get some, and however much it is, it’s going to be way more than either you or I or you and I combined will ever see in our lifetimes. Whatever the amount is (probably between eight million and eighteen million per year), I feel really bad for the fans of the team that gives him that money. No fanbase deserves to be tantalized by the unrealized talent that Jeff Green provides.

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