Vince Carter 17 Points Full Highlights (3/9/2016)

The Grizzlies have been brought to their knees by injuries. Luckily, they set themselves up pretty well for the playoffs before all the injuries happened, so they still could be looking at the postseason. However, there is an even more exciting opportunity waiting for them if they’re willing to go after it: the opportunity to unleash Vince Carter for an entire game and have him replicate the old times.

Let’s be honest here. Who’s going to score points for them? Lance Stephenson? This is our one chance to see VC turn back the clock and become the focal point of an offense again. It would be a crime against NBA fans, and, indeed, a crime against all of humanity, for the Grizzlies not to throw away one game (just one game) by telling VC to shoot all the shots he wants, Kobe-style. Heck, they might still even win if they did that, because VC channeling the spirit of his past self might still be a better offensive option than anything else that resides on their roster.

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