Kosta Koufos 19 Points Full Highlights (3/11/2016)

The world needs more Kosta Postas. That is what I have determined after making this video. And, my dear viewer, you will come to the same conclusion after watching it.

So what if it wasn’t even anything close to a poster? The Kosta part was accurate at least. The terminally corny Kings commentator probably had been saving up the phrase for a few weeks and jumped at the first chance to use it. Who knows when, if ever, Koufos is actually going to poster somebody? He did, once upon a time, throw a huge hammer down on C.J. McCollum, but there’s no guarantee that he’ll ever unleash a dunk of that magnitude ever again.

Thus, calling an uncontested dunk a “Kosta Posta” is perfectly legit.

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