Derrick Favors 28 Points Full Highlights (3/13/2016)

This keeps happening with high picks who take a while to develop: by the time they’ve developed into the fully-formed fringe All-Star caliber player that they will remain for the rest of their career, people have moved on and no longer care. The modern NBA fan is lusting constantly for superstars to emerge from the high lotto selections. They monitor the picks with great interest throughout their rookie season, and then, as time goes on, become less and less enamored until they move on completely.

That’s what has happened with Derrick Favors. He’s actually good now! He’s doing what people thought he could do leading up to his draft. But he took too long getting to this point, and the only people that notice what he’s doing are Jazz fans and a few Nets fans who are pissed that they gave him up for Deron Williams. And me. I still care.

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