Justise Winslow 20 Points Full Highlights (3/14/2016)

It’s easy to see why people are excited about Justise Winslow. Just look at him! He’s the savviest vettest looking 19-year-old rookie I’ve ever seen. When I was 19, I looked like a pale pizza-faced shambling skeleton with pubes on my chin and bags under my eyes. Meanwhile, this dude looks like he could tell Dwyane Wade a thing or two about being a professional in the NBA.

Plus, Justise plays good defense. That’s what people claim players do when they happen to really suck on offense, but it seems to be true in this case. Also, he really sucks on offense. Really really. It’s not good. 20 points is, considering his deficiencies in the art of putting the ball in the hole, one of the wackiest scoring performances of the year. It’s equivalent to Harden scoring 70. Or Brunco Caboclo scoring any points at all.

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