Dennis Schröder 18 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (3/16/2016)

Dënniß ßchrööder wants to have his own team. I want him to have his own team. Hawks fans want him to have his own team. Everybody wants him to have his own team. So why doesn’t he have his own team yet?

There’s still plenty of time before the season ends where Dënniß can be relocated to a city where his myriad talents will be appreciated in the starter’s role. This needs to happen now. It can’t be next year. NOW.

Don’t give me any fairytale mumbo-jumbo about “trade deadlines” and “the CBA” and “no more trades are allowed to happen”. I don’t care. Your detailed minutiae is of no consequence to me. The Shredder needs a new team, he needs it now, and I don’t see any reason why he can’t just get traded to the Grizzlies or something.

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