D.J. Augustin 24 Points Full Highlights (3/19/2016)

D.J. Augustin vs. Emmanuel Mudiay: who is officially better?

Shooting: At this point in his career, Mudiay cannot shoot. Period. Point blank. At all. Augustin, while maybe not a “shooter”, can shoot pretty well. Advantage: Augustin

Passing: Mudiay is a willing passer. Perhaps too willing, as his turnover numbers suggest. Augustin can pass sometimes but that’s only because he’s the point guard. His assist numbers are average. Advantage: Mudiay

Win shares: Here’s where it gets ugly. Mudiay has negative win shares. He started off way in the negatives, and his improving play has not brought them out of that pit. Augustin has had good win shares his whole career and his win shares during his short stint in Denver make him look like a top-ten PG in the league. Advantage: Augustin by a landslide

Whiteness: Mudiay is not white. Augustin looks mixed. Advantage: tentative Augustin

Number of potentials: Mudiay has at least six potentials and might have more yet undiscovered. Augustin used up all his potentials a long time ago and, despite begging his new Nuggets teammates for their extras, still doesn’t have any. Advantage: Mudiay

Helping team win: Mudiay probably doesn’t do this quite yet. Augustin does. This is an important one. Advantage: Augustin. No wait. Mudiay. Advantage Mudiay. He’s going to be good just wait and see. I’m serious.

Future with team: Mudiay is stuck in Denver for a while. Augustin’s playing for a new contract and Denver probably won’t re-sign. Advantage: Mudiay

Final verdict: Let’s ignore everything we talked about above and just say what the Nuggets fans want to hear: Emmanuel Mudiay is BETTER than D.J. Augustin!

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