Carl Landry 22 Points Full Highlights (3/27/2016)

Carl Landry is a scoring machine. People don’t realize it, but he is. He has been for his entire career. Somehow, at age 32, his per-36 numbers in Philly exceed anything he did in his younger days, leading me to believe that he is actually aging in reverse.

I mean, just look at the facts. His face has always looked like it was fifty years old. Maybe it really WAS fifty years old and is actually getting less wrinkly as the hands on the clock tick away the precious minutes of our lives. It’s just so obvious: somehow he is flowing backwards through time. The team who inks Landry to a contract in the off-season is going to have a bargain on their hands when they an allegedly 37-year-old Carl Landry starts dropping 28 and 13 on a regular basis like he’s a primer prime version of himself.

Hear that Bucks? Bring your boy home. It will work out a lot better than Caron Butler, I promise.

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