Andre Drummond 25 Points Full Highlights (12/23/2015)

In the category of “this could be a record”, Andre Drummond took eighteen free throws last night, and none of them were the result of shooting fouls. One set was from a personal foul, one set was from an “inbounds” foul (what do these weird terms mean anyway? idk) and seven sets were from personal take fouls, which meant that Mike Scott had to jog over like an idiot every time Drummond crossed half court and then gently hug him.

That’s the kind of record that you would rather not be a part of, either as the fouler or the foulee. Blah blah mockery of the game bleh bleeh not real basketball lalalala. On the plus side, Drummond got plenty of “dynamite dunks” this game, and at the end he even channeled his inner point guard because, you know, why not? Still a better PG than Brandon Jennings, am I right guys?

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