Monte Morris 16 Points Full Highlights (11/30/2018)

Monte Morris: top five backup PG in the league? I could go through and make a list of all the backup point guards in the league, then rank them, but that’s a lot of effort just for one video description, so I won’t bother with that. Instead, I’ll just think about the various backup point guards in the league for a few minutes and get back to you.

Okay, a few minutes have passed and I’ve only come up with a few backup point guards that are inarguably better than Monte Morris has been this season. J.J. Barea is one. Since God cursed him with small stature, he was reciprocally blessed with the ability to age backwards. Another one is Dennis Schroder. He might not be super efficient but his raw counting stats are among the best that a backup PG has ever put up as far as I can recall. A third might be Tony Parker, who doesn’t even miss Tim Duncan or Manu Ginobili. He has new best friends in, uh, Bismack Biyombo and Malik Monk.

There are a few more that you could make a case for. Emmanuel Mudiay, the ex-Nugget, is actually playing well this year now that the pressure to be a star is lifted. Shelvin Mack has always held a special place in my heart. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is looking nice, but now he’s starting. Quinn Cook is good too but he gets to play with a bunch of All-Stars so he doesn’t count.

OFFICIAL DTB VERDICT: Monte Morris is OFFICIALLY a top five backup point guard in the league as of the time of this writing. If you had told me he would be in that category at the end of last season when he barely played, I would have laughed in your face and told you to stop doing drugs. Shows how much I know.

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