Damyean Dotson 21 Points Full Highlights (12/1/2018)

By compiling highlights of Danyean Dotson, the last of the three Knicks players who most crushed my spirit, I have finished a therapeutic process that will allow me to recover from the wounds they inflicted on my soul. The injuries he applied to me were not as serious as those of Kevin Knox and Emmanuel Mudiay, but they had equal need of healing.

I am now fully able to appreciate his and his compatriots’ performances tonight. I see now the artistry behind every jumpshot, the beauty in… actually he didn’t really do anything but hit a bunch of jumpshots. Those are the best kind of shot though, if you’re looking for really sweet and smooth highlights.

The Knicks aren’t getting enough credit for discovering this guy. If a team like, say, the 76ers drafted a guy in the middle of the second round and he was scoring 10 points per game on 45 percent shooting, there would be an article about him every other day, and 76ers fans would crow endlessly about “the process”. If the Lakers drafted him there’d be quotes from Magic Johnson about how he’s the next James Worthy, and if the Warriors drafted him… oh my god. But no, he’s on the Knicks, and we don’t hear a peep about him from the major media outlets. I thought New York was supposed to be a big media market?

Well, I’m giving them credit right now. Good job Knicks FO, you found a keeper.

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