Emmanuel Mudiay 28 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (12/1/2018)

Taking into account everything about this performance by Emmanuel Mudiay, including his incredible clutchness (why why WHY WHY WHY), is it fair to say that this is the best game of his career? I don’t expect you to have the answer, unless you are Mudiay himself or the president of his fan club. So I’m going to do you favor and tell you the answer, even though I asked the question under the guise of not knowing the answer.


It IS the best game of his career. He, dare I say, took over this game late in the fourth quarter and continued his dominance in overtime. This is the kind of game where, if it happened in the playoffs, ESPN Classic would still be showing clips from it 40 years from now. It’ll be a while before he even gets the chance to do this kind of stuff in the ‘offs, so this will have to do for now.

I’m not even mad. Just impressed. But also a little mad, because why the heck did he turn into frickin’ PRIME Stephen Curry every time the Knicks needed a bucket? God damn it. Time to avoid all NBA social media for the next 48 hours so I don’t have to think about this crappy loss.

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