Ricky Rubio 23 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (12/2/2018)

Attention Spanish citizenry: I am, right now, enjoying a glass of hot chocolate while snow gently caresses the wintry landscape outside my window. I am snuggled up in a very warm blanket (NOT a Snuggie, how white do you think I am?) with my little kitty purring on my lap. My Christmas tree is bedecked with hundreds of little white lights that cast a warm glow on the proceedings. I do not have a fireplace crackling next to me, but I do have a YouTube video of a crackling fire playing on my second monitor and a space heater, so the effect is nearly the same.

You, Spanish viewers, have none of these things. Jealously is a natural human emotion.

As you might imagine, I am finding it hard to type these words, so cozy is my current being. My mind is in a state of torpid repose. Ricky Rubio had 23 points, but I have no insight to share as he shared the rock for six assists. I guess I could say that I think I miss the Timberwolves version of Ricky who unapologetically got to run the offense instead of how the Jazz use him. Yes, upon reflection, I do miss the old Ricky. He was handsomer without the beard, too.

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