Harry Giles 13 Points Full Highlights (12/4/2018)

When the score for a game sits at 35-9 after one quarter, you know you’re about to see some serious scrub action. I couldn’t wait for the fourth quarter of this one, as the Kings totally whipped the Suns right out of the gate and then played around with their Hairy Jyles for the rest of the game instead of really playing hard.

Notice my usage of the term “Hairy Jyles”, implying something unsavory or slightly sexual but remaining unknown. No offense to the real Harry Giles, but his name just sounds dirty to me. Not his fault, that’s a problem on my end, definitely. My mind found a really nice gutter about 15 years ago and has resided there ever since.

Giles made the most out of bountiful plentitude of minutes, scoring 13 points in 10 minutes. Really, 10 minutes is kind of low for how much of a blowout this game was. I was expecting more, because he’s played more in games that were way more contested than this. He didn’t even have to beat out Marvin Bagley for minutes! We could be looking at 20 points maybe if he got some third-quarter run. A prime opportunity wasted; how many more times are the Kings going to blow out the opposition like this?

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