Luka Doncic 21 Points Full Highlights (12/4/2018)

Another game for Luka Doncic where he doesn’t seem to be doing that well and then you look at the boxscore at the end and what do you know, he has 20 points again. That’s how players average 20 points, you know. They don’t always do it in an exciting, in your face way. They have the ability to sort of coast through games while quietly getting some buckets here and there, maybe some free throws, maybe a lot of free throws, and BAM. 20 points. Or more. And no one even noticed.

It’s usually more of an all-or-nothing thing with rookies. Either they’re wowing you with incredible plays back to back to back, or they’re showing why they still need a little bit more seasoning in the league. Not Doncic. He’s very “veteran-like” already, and he’s only… 19? Now, we’ve been over this. There’s no way he’s only 19, I’ve already said the reasons, but the main one is that he can grow facial hair that isn’t totally awful. When I was 19, if I wanted a beard, I had to settle for the 2 or 3 pubes per square inch that populated the underside of my chin.

I’m still waiting for Dirk to return so Doncic can pump up his somewhat low assist totals by running pick-and-pops with him 20 times a game. Then again, the Mavericks are doing pretty good now, do they even want to risk things by forcing Dirk into to big of a role when he comes back? Blasphemy, I know. Just something to think about while wait for the Big Schnitzel to coax his unwilling body back onto the court.

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