Julius Randle 26 Points Full Highlights (12/7/2018)

When I start having to make too many highlight videos for a player, that could mean one of three things:

a.) The player is on a random hot streak that will end at some point and bring an end to the misery that encompasses my life and my very soul

b.) The player has gotten better but my expectations for him have not adjusted correspondingly. The solution is to raise the minimum points threshold for the player

c.) The player is straight-up too good for my channel

For Julius Randle, I think he’s squarely in option B, but creeping ever closer to option C. He’s on a mini hot streak right now, with games of 37, 27, 26. All of these games were starts for him after he came off the bench for most of the beginning of the season. But Randle is no stranger to games scoring the upper twenty points. He’s done in several other times this season. It’s just this streak is especially hard on me because he’s not giving me any breaks. So option A is also in play here.

Long story short: if Randle continues to beast out like this, I’m going to take a long hard look at putting him on the exclusion list. Your mom is also going to take something long and hard, but it won’t be my look, it will be my something else.

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