Brook Lopez 19 Points/5 Threes Full Highlights (12/9/2018)

It’s interesting to note that Brook Lopez’s current field goal percentage is the lowest of his career by far (just 43%), but his three-point percentage, two-point percentage, and effective field goal percentage are all at career highs (37%, 57%, and 56% respectively). That’s how the math works out when two-thirds of your shot attempts are three-pointers. At least, I think that’s how the math works out. I’m too dumb to do math but it makes me look smart when I can present pre-existing numerical facts as if I came up with them myself.

The Bucks just acquired Jason Smith, who’s like a lesser version of Brook Lopez, and they still have Thon Maker, so there are now three, count ’em, THREE stretch-fives on the roster. It’s unclear to me if Smith will even play (I hope he does, his midrange game is damp bordering on wet and Bud better realize that), but it will be nice to have a true three-point shooter playing at the five spot at all times. John Henson was great and I miss him already, but he wasn’t a true three-point shooter. He was a fake three-point shooter and I fully expect his fake three-point range to get exposed at some point.

I’m also looking forward to continued step-back threes from Lopez as the season continues. Those things are hilarious. However, they will stop being hilarious and start being annoying if they stop dropping at any point.

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