Julius Randle 28 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (12/9/2018)

That’s it. DTB is throwing in the towel. Starting right now, Julius Randle is OFFICIALLY on my OFFICIAL EXCLUSION LIST. After four straight games scoring 37, 27, 26, and 28, I can’t take it anymore.

A guy who’s averaging 19/9 is outside the scope of this channel no matter how you look at it or what excuses you make. And when you look at his stats per 36 minutes, which is where his minutes in the past few weeks seem to be trending towards, you’ll see he’s averaging a sick 25/12. That’s not just “too good for DTB” material. That’s not just “All-Star” material. That’s All-NBA material, for real. I am so done with Julius Randle.

I would try to write some kind of heartfelt goodbye for him, but I don’t feel anything in my heart right now other than relief. Randle’s time on my channel has been marked by the unwise jumpshots of his youth, the forceful drives of the present, and, always, an overabundance of free-throws. Plus plenty of dunks and the most thumbnail-worthy facial expressions this side of J.J. Barea. Those parts was okay. So, see you around, Julius. I hope that DawkIns and House of Highlights treat you well. If you end up signing with a team who doesn’t utilize you effectively and your stats go back down to reasonable levels, we might yet meet again.

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