Thaddeus Young 25 Points Full Highlights (12/12/2018)

Due to real-life circumstances, I was unable to watch the Bucks-Pacers game live. For once, I’m thankful that real life intervened and prevented me from being a mindless consumer of sporting events, because the Pacers kicked so much Buck booty that my mood would have been ruined for the rest of that evening and perhaps for the rest of my life.

I’m just going to go out and say it: Thaddeus Young played more like Giannis than Giannis did last night. He drew fouls, he finished tough shots at the rim, he had a sick blow-by dunk, and he grabbed hella rebounds. Meanwhile, Giannis himself was neutralized by fouls and looked like the inferior player to Young. That’s pretty wild when you think about it, but then when you think about it some more it becomes not that wild, because everybody forgets that Young has been a good to very good player for his whole career. It’s not unimaginable for him to outplay a superstar for a single game. If he had hit more of those jumpshots that he’s capable of, he not only would have played like Giannis, he would have been playing like the IDEAL version of Giannis.

Thaddeus Young. The ideal Giannis. This is a concept that I don’t want to lend my support to. Somebody stop giving this guy so many touches.

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