Jamal Crawford 17 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (12/13/2018)

The title of “Preeminent Purveyor of NBA Highlights” confers with it certain responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is to make sure that viewers of my videos don’t come away with mistaken impressions of players. The nature of highlights is, of course, to show highlights of the player in question. It is not meant to be an honest or objective depiction of a player. However, it is my duty to ensure that proper context is provided in these videos.

Here’s some context for this Jamal Crawford video: he shot 6-of-14 in this game (that’s fine), is shooting 36% from the field (not fine), and has negative win-shares (very not fine). I don’t really see how he’s better than Isaiah Canaan, who got waived, but I suppose when you’re a 38-year-old who can sometimes miraculously pull a hot scoring streak out of your ass, there’s some basement-dwelling team that will “value” your “contributions”.

I won’t lie, I did feel some guilty pleasure watching Crawford drain four pull-up midrange jimbos in a row to bring this video to a close. My fear is that viewers seeing such a confident scoring outburst will think that Crawford is having a good season. He is not. Do not think that. And absolutely, under no circumstances, post the phrase “Crawford has been big for the Suns this season, nice pickup” or any variation thereof in the comments of this video.

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