Zach Collins 16 Points Full Highlights (12/14/2018)

It’s looking more and more as the season goes on that Zach “American Kurucs” Collins’ 6-block season opener was an anomaly. He’s only had 4 games since then with more than a single rejection. His per-minute numbers are still good in that category, but if anyone was expecting Serge Ibaka-esque block totals (I know I was a little bit), they are surely disappointed with how things are turning out.

His scoring has been way down lately as well. What’s going on here? Again, per-minute it’s fine, but I guess I’m asking why Z-Co’s not getting more minutes? Remember, NBA franchises don’t exist to win games, as commonly assumed. They exist to make sure their role-players/scrubs/washed-up vets put up highlight-worthy performances on a regular basis. Jusuf Nurkic has ascended too far to be included in any of those categories, so his playing time needs to be cut. More minutes for Collins, and definitely more minutes for Caleb Swanigan are what’s needed.

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