Kris Dunn 24 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (12/19/2018)

This current Bulls season is a total trainwreck, just an absolute disaster of player mutinies and lost games that is certainly providing no enjoyment for any Bulls fan. Other fanbases are kind of enjoying it, but only a little bit, because they know that this could happen to their franchise at any time, as long as their franchise somehow gets GarPax to run things.

Good news, though: Kris Dunn’s last three (well, two of the last three anyway) games have brought a small amount of faint light into the endless black of the season. He led his team to a rare win against San Antonio, and now he almost did the same thing against the Nets. They came up a little bit short, but there is a small amount of joy to be found in his ability to hit any shot he wants as long as it occurs between the three-point line and the restricted area.

I wouldn’t complain if the Bulls wanted to, for the rest of the season, just let Dunn do whatever he wants to see if he can really truly live him to his draft slot. There are a lot of points to be scored in the midrange as teams are more keyed in on the arc and the paint. If he can keep wriggling his way into soft spots in the defense and canning jumpers, I bet he can do like Derrick Rose did and score 50.

And even if he comes up short, well, it’s more than watching whatever random crap the Bulls would be doing on offense otherwise. At least for a few games. Then I’d want to see if Ryan Arcidiacono could break the all time single-game assist record.

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