Furkan Korkmaz 16 Points Full Highlights (12/22/2018)

Attention Turkish people: what happened to Izzet Turkyilmaz? I need answers, because I was hyped for that goofy-looking stick-figure really bad. Such a great name, and also a great game. He could shoot threes, I remember, and he was tall. And he did some stuff in Summer League for the Nuggets one year and then we never heard from him again. Did he die? Did he catch the same wasting disease that Omer Asik had and die?

I’m asking because right now there’s only two Turks in the NBA, Furkan Korkmaz (depicted) and Ersan Ilyasova (getting his place in the rotation taken by D.J. Wilson). That doesn’t seem like enough. We need another one like Turkyilmaz or maybe Furkan Aldemir can come back. Especially since Korkmaz is a threat to decide that he’s had his fun in the NBA but wants to go back to Europe (notice how I said “back to Europe” that means I consider Turkey part of Europe please give me likes) and dominate. That threat is slightly less now that his trade demand seems to have expired, but it’s still there.

And I love Ersan, but he hadn’t been that good even before getting concussed/injured. He was good at the beginning of the season and then started fading. That’s what happens when you’re a few years older than your official age, I guess.

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