Larry Nance Jr. 20 Points/4 Dunks Full Highlights (12/23/2018)

This is Larry Nance’s fourth season in the league, and he has yet to have a true “breakout” game; his career-high in scoring is a mere 22 points. I’m not going to rag on him too much considering that his relatively low volume allows him to be efficient in a way that young players often aren’t. However, I would expect at least one 25-point game in that timeframe. I even put it on my Christmas list, right next to the RGB mechanical keyboard and the Snuggie. It’s unclear to me whether or not Santa has the ability to grant Christmas wishes that aren’t physical objects, but I thought I would give it a shot.

Maybe the issue is that, the times that Nance has played with a decent ball-distributor (Jabroni Lames), he’s been the fifth option on the court, so his scoring opportunities are limited. Now that he arguably should have a bigger role on the team, his distributors are Collin Sexton (not a passer at this point in his career) and Matthew Dellavedova (too Australian). It’s not in Nance’s abilities to demand the ball and iso until he scores, since he doesn’t have a jumpshot that defenders have to respect, so he really needs people to set him up for a lot of his points. Proposed solution: trade somebody for Rajon Rondo and then bathe him in the healing waters of the Cuyahoga river to banish his injuries.

Or we could just wait for Santa to come through with my Christmas wish. And if he doesn’t come through, it’s going to be another piece of evidence that unfortunately points to the conclusion that maybe I was a bad boy this year.

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