Jusuf Nurkic 21 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (12/29/2018)

It happened again. The Blazers met the Warriors in a rematch of their game three days ago and guess what? The Warriors still didn’t have an answer for Jusuf Nurkic. Kevon Looney and Draymond Green still couldn’t handle all 300 pounds of his Grade-B Bosnian Man-meat (B for Bosnian). This time around, Nurkic scored from inside and outside, then, when he was tired of making Looney and Green into his personal bitchboys for life, he cut up the Warriors’ defense with some nifty passing (ignore his five turnovers).

Unfortunately, the Blazers lost the game, but I fully believe that Nurkic won the mental battle when he bowled over Draymond, drew the foul, then stared at the vanquished little boy lying on the ground. Green obviously took exception to the call and the treatment, and Nurk came away from the exchange with a technical foul, but it was still a primal, disrespectful display of dominance of the sort that doesn’t get seen very often in today’s NBA.

If I’m Nurkic, I’m going to wear a protective cup for all future games against Draymond. Sterility is a very real possibility if Draymond starts kicking in retaliation.

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