Gerald Henderson 19 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (12/29/2014)

Here’s how you know that a team sucks: a player that was getting no minutes all of a sudden gets a lot of minutes, or vice versa. Using this advanced logical formula, you can tell me that Gerald Henderson went from a few DNP’s at the beginning of the season to nearly 40 minutes in this OT game, and I can tell you, without any additional information, that the Hornets just totally suck this year. My previous knowledge of the Hornets’ pitiful record and uninspiring cachet of young “talent” has nothing to do with this assessment.

Lance Stephenson being out for injuries to his air-blowing muscles has something to do with Henderson’s minutes, but that’s not the whole story. Lance was still playing when Steve “Overrated” Clifford decided to give Henderson another chance. I can only conclude that since the Hornets already got rid of Kobe once, they wanted to do the same with Kobe-lite.

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