Draymond Green Triple Double 16 Pts/13 Asts/11 Rebs Full Highlights (1/2/2015)

Draymond Green was billed as this kind of player coming out of college. It was basically a nice way of saying “He won’t be able to score worth crap so he will be good at the other stuff otherwise why would he even be in the league.”

I did my share of ragging on Draymond for shooting 33% his rookie season. I might have called him a bust a few times, I’m too embarrassed to look into my archives and find out. The jokes on me, the jokes on anyone who doubted him earlier in his career: Draymond Green is a really good player now.

So good that he can acquire a triple-double without even trying to. 13 assists, all of them legit, which was a nice surprise. How did this happen? The Raptors past awfulness doesn’t apply here. Playing with Stephen Curry helps, but he’s been doing that his whole career so that fact doesn’t explain much. Marreese Speights being really splashy tonight was a factor. It’s well known that players let a triple-double bound teammate do things they otherwise wouldn’t, grab rebounds they otherwise wouldn’t get. David Lee could have just been standing there saying “Hey Dray you want some more boards?”.

My theory: he is an alien pretending to be Draymond Green while the real thing has been abducted in a flying saucer for sucking too much. Same thing happened to your mom.

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