Cody Zeller Career High 20 Points Full Highlights (1/5/2015)

I have maintained for a while that Tyler Zeller is the superior Zeller. You might be able to make a case for Luke as well, though it would be a much more strained argument.

Cody just hasn’t impressed me so far. Obviously his goal is not to impress me, but to impress his coaching staff, but I can’t imagine that they’re very enamoured with his play thus far. He’s the 4th overall pick, and for a guy picked as high as that, you want more production, you want someone who isn’t just a role-player.

This Zeller-brother smackdown might have ended firmly in Cody’s favor, with him getting a career high 20 on perfect shooting, but I still stand in Tyler’s corner. And I see you, off to the side, standing in Luke’s corner. What are you even doing over there?

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