Anthony Tolliver 15 Points/2 Blocks Full Highlights (1/9/2015)

It is a testament to the overwhelming popularity of Anthony Tolliver that my first highlight video of him, a thirteen-point outburst while he was with the Hawks (raise your hand if you remember him being on that team), has all of 347 views. This is a video I uploaded two months after I started my channel. It’s had a long time to accumulate views, yet it has failed to do so.

Anyway, Tolliver improved on that performance with a fifteen-point showing against the former team that probably even he doesn’t remember he was on, including two season-career-and-possibly-life-ending blocks. He also fouled out in eighteen minutes, but I didn’t show that part. The nickname “Tollbooth”, which used to reference the fact that he would let anybody through, now can be reconceived to indicate that he serves as an unwelcome impediment to the basket. An impediment that charges $1.50.

Enjoy, Pistons fans! I peg Tollbooth at having maybe a 20% chance of eclipsing this performance this season.

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