Derrick Favors 22 Points Full Highlights (1/9/2015)

Sometimes things don’t work out like you want them to.

A few months ago I self-published the first run of my trademarked “Flavors of Favors” cookbooks. Now, let the record show that these are some good-ass cookbooks. But you can’t do anything without marketing, and DTB didn’t have much of it. I mean, yeah, I wrote about it in a description, but I don’t understand how e-Commerce works, so even though some of you wanted to buy them I couldn’t figure out how to do payments and stuff.

That limited me to selling in my local area. And here, nobody even knows who Derrick Favors is. If you tell people he’s a basketball player, then people start asking why you’d want a cookbook by a basketball player. Well, first thing, Derrick Favors had nothing to do with this thing. All I did was search Google Image for “Derrick Favors” and use his pic on the front cover. Second, these are some tasty-ass recipes. If a cookbook has tasty recipes, then its done its job. That is literally the only criteria for evaluating a cookbook, and I nailed it.

“Mama Favors Johnnycake and Grits Breakfast Pizza”? “Favie’s Greatest Gravy”? “Stuffed Taco Bites”? “Chilean Sea Bass with Asparagus Compote and BBQ-Ranch Demi-Glace”? This is like a bold collision between southern comfort food, south-of-the-border spiciness, and modern American cuisine. It totally redefines food as we know it. And yet nobody wants to buy the damn books.

I managed to sell one to my mom. But I’ve got like 49 of them left.

Paper isn’t cheap. But what really isn’t cheap is creativity. That’s why $40 is a totally reasonable price. $40 to revitalize your kitchen, to replace every cookbook you ever owned? That’s a good deal. No, scratch that. That’s a god damn great deal.

My landlord keeps leaving messages on my phone wondering where the rent check is. I can only pretend not to get them for so much longer. I think DTB has gotten himself into a bit of a pickle here.

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