Kent Bazemore 17 Points Full Highlights (1/13/2015)

Kent “Bazed God” Bazemore kinda looked like a beast-in-the-making during his short stint with the Lakers last year. He had a bit of a turnover problem, but he scored well on good percentages. When he signed with Atlanta, I knew that we would be waiting a while to see a re-emergence of that potential, given that a better version of the Bazed God was already on the team in Thabo Sefolosha.

The waiting is finally over, my friends. What you see here is what you would see every night if the Bazed God were freed from the shackles that keep him anchored to the bench. I always thought that had some ball-distribution skills to go with his scoring, but with the preponderance of PG’s on the Hawks roster, all he needs to do is get the ball to go in the hole.

Will he get more minutes after this? No. He only got minutes this game because the Hawks were resting some players. But we can dream, friends. We can dream.

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