Goran Dragic 21 Points/8 Assists Full Highlights (1/16/2015)

I feel bad for whatever team decides to snap up Goran Dragic when he inevitably opts out of his player option this summer. Not that he’s a bad player; he’s actually a really good player, and it’s a crime that he’ll never make an all-star game. No, I feel bad for that team because Dragic is in his prime RIGHT NOW. He will not get better than he is currently. And if you sign him for five years at 16 mil per year, you’re going to be regretting it in two years as Dragic regresses to league-average level.

Yes, point guards are more capable of withstanding the unforgiving ravages of Father Time and his Timely Minions, but I wouldn’t want to pay big bucks to a guy whose penetrating-oriented game is hindered by a slowed-down body. He is crafty enough in his drives that he might be able to keep it going for a while, but I wouldn’t risk it by paying him loadsamoney. Give me a three-year contract and then we’re in business.

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