Jarrett Jack 26 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (1/16/2015)

I didn’t even realize it, but Jarrett Jack is shooting 18% on threes this year. That’s roughly the percentage I would shoot if you put me in the NBA right now, provided that I got only open looks.

This is a guy who shot 40% two years ago with the Warriors, so we know that he can make these shots. What’s the problem? Is he not as open as he was then? Is he swagging these threes up there like a bald, round-headed Nick Young? Does the relentless media pressure of New York cause him to freeze up when shooting from out there? Does the Barclay Center looking like a giant brown turd plopped down in the toilet of Brooklyn cause him to laugh when he shoots? Does playing for a franchise that foolishly attempted to buy a championship with overpaid, past-their-prime “stars” cause him to subconsciously sabotage their attempts to win? Is the court too cold? Is he channeling Corey Maggette’s spirit in more than just looks now? If he is channeling Maggette, did the increased muscle mass cause him to lose his touch?

It could be any of those things, or he’s just in a prolonged slump.

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