Jason Thompson 23 Points/22 Rebounds Full Highlights (1/17/2015)

Is Jason Thompson the worst player to get a 20-20 game in this millennium? When you converse with Kings fans all they can do is repeat over and over anecdotes of J-Thomp’s awfulness. He’s scoring at an improbably low rate for a guy who isn’t utterly offensively handicapped. He still gets to start because of reasons, and Ty Corbin isn’t doing him any favors.

So I went to basketball-reference to see if I could find a worse 20-20 player than Jason. Raef LaFrentz once put up 32(?!?!) and 20, a front-runner for most unexpected statline of all time. Dan Gadzuric also accomplished the feat upon a time, a performance that earned him a totally bananas contract from the Bucks. Who in God’s name is Danny Fortson? He did it TWICE. Looking at the list, I’ve heard of all of these guys except Danny and the presumably fabricated “Kenny Thomas”.

I guess it comes down to this question: do you think Jason Thompson is better or worse than Chris Wilcox, who once got 27 and 22 while with the Sonics. Chris had a reasonably long career despite his penchant for sucking ‘cox, and Jason has the benefit of convincing the Kings for seven years to keep him around. Let’s call this one a draw.

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