Elfrid Payton 19 Points/8 Assists Full Highlights (1/18/2015)

One of the positives of the Magic being this bad (again), is that we get to see young talent blossom before our eyes. The husks of Ben Gordon and Willie Green barely get playing time anymore, replaced by Devyn Marble and Elfrid “Elvenefrid” Payton.

I don’t know if what Marble is doing could be considered “blossoming”, but Elfrid certainly qualifies. His blossoming will stop as soon as teams stop playing him for the pass exclusively, so we’d better enjoy his funky around-the-basket game while it lasts. Seriously, watch Westbrook on the first few scores in this video. He doesn’t expect Elfrid to shoot it at all, letting him get near to the basket without any resistance. It’s good that he converted the opportunities he was given, but it won’t last forever, and he’ll have to start hitting jumpers eventually.

What will last forever is his court vision, which is at a high level for a rookie PG. Being able to chuck it to Frye or Vucevic for free assists helps in that regard.

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