Lance Thomas 16 Points Full Highlights (1/24/2015)

If you had asked me before the season started “Hey DTB, what are the chances that you make three Lance Thomas highlight videos this season?” I would have told you “zero”. I wasn’t really even expecting him to be in the league.

Actually, that’s not true. I didn’t have a single thought about Lance Thomas because I forgot about him. I don’t have thoughts to spare for every borderline NBA player out there because most of those thoughts are taken up by fantasies about Jon Brockman’s beard. So you certainly can’t blame me for not spending my entire summer pondering Lance’s next career move.

This channel is for total scrubs having good games. Lance Thomas is a scrub (I think we can all agree) and 16 points is a good game. Perfect! With the Knicks roster a disordered tangle of D-Leaguer bodies, we might be seeing more of this dude in upcoming videos.

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