Wayne Ellington Career High 28 Points Full Highlights (1/27/2015)

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Mr. Ellington make it Wayne like this. I thought that this would be the year he would finally get consistent minutes, now that he’s on a horrible team that also happens to be totally bereft of shooting. I guess not? I’ve got a couple of theories as to why his minutes are merely in line with his career averages.

– Byron Scott

– He’s not actually that good of a shooter

– Kobe Bryant messes everything up; let’s blame him

– Actually change that to Jeremy Lin

– Poor defender? Maybe?

– Byron Scott

The Wayne-maker got off to a hot start tonight, hitting his first few shots. This earned him so much extra playing time that he decided to go and get a career-high in points. Not in the normal way, either. A viewer expecting his usual barrage of threes is sure to be disappointed. On the other hand, a viewer expecting layups is going to be pleased. Who doesn’t love a good layup?

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