Brandon Knight 16 Points/9 Assists Full Highlights (1/29/2015)

At first glance, this doesn’t seem like an especially productive game for Brandon Knight. He’s had tons of games scoring more than this, though not as many with more assists. There are surely much more worthy performances that he’s had this season, performances where I didn’t make highlights despite this being a halfway-themed Bucks channel. Why this one?

Because he actually played well.

That might seem like a weird thing to say about a snubby-dubbed All-Star candidate. But ask any serious Bucks fans, and they’ll agree; Brandon has been a mixed bag this season. He has good scoring ability, and I’m happy with how much he’s improved in that area since his days in Detroit. His passing, though, is not at the same level, leading to tons of moments where you wish that the Bucks had a “real” PG.

Tonight he played the part of real PG well, dishing in the first half and then turning on the scoring in third quarter. He still had a bunch of bad turnovers and unneeded pull-up jumpers, which do not appear in these highlights. A Brandon Knight lowlights package is not forthcoming.

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