Noah Vonleh 10 Points/2 Blocks Full Highlights (1/31/2015)

I didn’t realize how funny Noah Vonleh looks. He’s got that old man stretched-out look going, but somehow he also looks like a newborn baby. I don’t know. I just get weird vibes from him for some reason.

Is he the personification, the manifestation of all the separate eras of humanity into one time-being? Was he present for the birth of the universe? Will he be present for its death? Has he witnessed every second of mankind’s failure-filled journey, not to judge, but simply to understand? Does he flit through the aeons, a fourth-dimensional hypertraveler with no regard for the rules of temporality, a deity with no true form except that of every human being who has ever lived past or present?

Maybe not. Maybe he’s just a basketball player.

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