Devin Booker 18 Points Full Highlights (12/2/2015)

When I saw Devin Booker take that hard fall during tonight’s game against the Pistons, one thought immediately popped into my head:

“He dead”

Like, I was freaking out because I just saw a dude DIE during an NBA game, not just a fan either, but a player, a player in the god-damn PRIME of his life, just lying there, DEAD, on the court, killed in the course of playing basketball. And I was like, DAMN, I play basketball sometimes, just for fun, not like an NBA player or anything but who knows if it could be ME next time? And I started having kind of an anxiety attack, breathing all erratic, chest tingly, I had my phone in my hand and was waiting for 9-1-1 to pick up so I could tell them that not only did I see a dude die on TV, but that I was dying myself.

And then he moved.

There is a reason I don’t watch the NFL anymore.

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