Jabari Parker 17 Points/3 Dunks Full Highlights (12/5/2015)

When will the Bucks make Jabari Parker (more like Chubari Porker LOL!) the centerpiece of the offense and force-feed him the ball? That’s what the Wolves did with Wiggins and the marketing slogan “we are all witnesses” seems to fit pretty well there. Why shouldn’t we also be able say that about Jabari and the Bucks?

From this video alone we can discern the Jabari will score no matter how he gets the ball. He can post up. He can hit J’s. He can dunk on the break. He can get offensive rebounds. He can cut to the basket. There’s no reason he should be averaging just eight field goal attempts per game. He should be averaging double that. Double or triple. A bonus side-effect of him shooting that much is that we could then make excuses for how confused he is when it comes to defensive rotations. I’ll just be like “he’s so tired from scoring all our points that he shouldn’t have to fight through screens or close out aggressively on three-point shooters or even do anything on defensive other than float in empty space and lose track of his man.”

Does anybody know if the Bucks are looking for a new assistant coach or trainer or something?

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