Kelly Olynyk 21 Points Full Highlights (12/7/2015)

At the end of this video, the Pelicans commentator who isn’t Joel Meyers is in total disbelief that Kelly Olynyk could drop 21 on his team. After making subtle jabs the whole game, he is probably frustrated that the dude who is supposed to suck just scored a bunch of points. So he casts a whole bunch of shade. Like, handfuls of shade just thrown all over Olynyk.

I don’t get what the commentator is so surprised about. Olynyk was a scorer coming out of college. If he got five blocks or twelve assists, then it would be justified to say something like “I can’t BELIEVE that KELLY OLYNYK just got TWELVE ASSISTS UGH SIGH”, but 21 points? He would do that all the time if he actually got minutes. He’s done it like a billion time in his career already. He would have to score forty before I would even raise my eyebrows and this guy thinks twenty is a portent of the apocalypse or something.

Yet more shade was thrown when Joel Meyers called him Jerebko instead of Olynyk. New Orleans commentators official butt status: butthurt.

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