Jeff Green 26 Points Full Highlights (12/13/2015)

Inside Jeff Green’s brain, a small red blob labeled “star potential” is held prisoner. No matter how often it tries to escape from the isolated lobe of grey matter in which it resides, it simply cannot. If only Star Potential could free itself, it could visit every area of Jeff’s mind, allowing him to use his athletic ability and multitude of basketball skills to become a star in the league.

However, every time this “star potential” makes a break for it, there is a larger green blob called “lack of motivation” that stands in its way. Lack of Motivation laughs at Star Potential whenever the latter tries to impart its influence on Jeff’s neurons. This larger blob thrives whenever Jeff is disengaged with the game or questioning his desire to play it, and at times, it is so powerful that Star Potential can do nothing other than quiver and panic.

As Jeff’s career progresses, it looks less and less likely that Star Potential will ever be unleashed within him. Especially since the yellow “Addiction to Benzos” blob is conspiring with Lack of Motivation to prevent that very thing from ever happening.

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