Luis Scola 22 Points Full Highlights (12/13/2015)

Basketball can get boring sometimes, you know? Just a bunch of dudes trying to manipulate a sphere into a hole, is what it pretty much boils down to. When you start thinking that way about your beloved game, that’s when you need to create your own fun while watching.

What I try to do is watch Luis Scola run down the court. It’s like he found there was an active shooter holding an assault rifle on the end of the court he is on, and the only way to escape death is to run as hard as he can to the other end. What I’m saying is, he BOOKS it, hair flowing majestically behind him, every time. He has to make up for a lack of youthful energy in some way, right?

When Luis was on the Pacers, it was seriously the most fun part of the game for me. The grimace he puts on while doing it puts it over the top. I included a bunch of instances of the act in this video for your enjoyment.

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